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Fighting (for) the Law

13 March 2014

On March 12th, the House of Representatives passed the "Enforce the Law Act." This is a Republican response to what they believe is Obama's "imperialist" tendencies to go around the legislative branch when it gets in his way. It essentially gives the House (and, theoretically, the Senate) the power to bring the President up on charges if he fails to work through the proper channels when drafting laws.

The evidence for the side of the prosecution is convincing. The Affordable Care Act has been changed quite a few times since it was initiated - the administration has pushed the dates for open enrollment, or allowed old plans to be grandfathered in, or other small tweaks. And while some might say that these changes are for the betterment of the nation, the fact is, none of them went through the proper channels.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Recap the Fifth

7 March 2013

The Kessel Run

Captain Roberts only had one real piece of advice for the Kessel Run: don't do it. There have been many would-be smugglers tempted by the black-market price of glitterspice who have wound up dead, crippled, or worse trying to go through the run. The Kessel system was heavily patroled by not only internal security forces, but by Sith Imperial Star Destroyers which took a dim view of the spice trade in general, illegal or not.

Nevertheless, the party wanted to clear their name with the Black Sun - it was the only way to get any kind of cargo run, legitimate or otherwise. Seeing that the crew of the Alora Bell was determined, Roberts advised them as best he could.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Recap the Fourth

6 March 2013

Recap of the previous adventure.

Pursuant Cause

Using a simple smuggler's trick, the Alora Bell jumped out of the Hutta system - and then right back in. Any direct pursuit would hopefully be too busy calculating the possible destinations of the first jump to notice the ship heading for Nal Hutta.

It was the hope of the group that ion weapons would continue to be of great help against any future Knighthunter encounters, and so they stocked up on all the variants they could find before heading back out into open space.

The question was: where to go? Perhaps a nice, simple trade run would be in order, and would keep them under the radar enough to avoid pursuit. But no matter where they turned, they could not manage to get a job delivering even the simplest of packages. A little digging later, they discovered why: the Black Sun, the premier smuggling and black market operation, had blacklisted the Alora Bell.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Game Master's Notes - On the Survival of the Knighthunter

7 March 2013

This game master's note asks a critical question: did the Knighthunter survive?

Porindrrl is a Wookie Knighthunter. Knighthunters typically work in packs of three to six, with a Sith lord as commander. This particular group is made up of only three Knighthunters, plus the Sith.

To find their quarry, the group split up along the four cardinal directions. As soon as Porindrrl located the Kel Dor Jedi they were after, he transmitted a message to his master. Thus, the entire party began converging on his position. They're all pretty spread out, but they all have speeder bikes, so let's say five minutes, six on the outside.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Recap the Third

5 March 2013

Knighthunter and Prey

On their way to Nar Shaddaa, Alexis briefed Shagaar, Zeka, and Issh on the latest changes in galactic politics in the previous four thousand years. She was assisted by one of the holocrons they had acquired from Captain Roberts, which included a detailed (and only slightly incorrect) history of the new Jedi order. In short, there was a three-way fight for control over the galaxy: the Sith Empire, ruled by Darth Krayt, which comprised of most of the galaxy; the Galactic Alliance, reduced to a single fleet and a few isolated worlds; and the Galactic Empire, with the Emperor-in-Exile Fel and his loyal guards the Imperial Knights. Darth Krayt had a clear upper hand, and it was generally expected that it would only be a matter of time before the other two factions were completely eliminated.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Recap the Second

5 March 2013

It's Never Just a Box

Just as our heroes returned to the Alora Bell, they saw a Kel Dor hanging around the ship. He introduced himself as Balen, the appointed bodyguard of the Lady Alexis Starfall. Her husband, the Lord Starfall, was concerned that his Lady had not been seen for several weeks, and dispatched Balen to ensure her safety.

Alexis waved him off; she had gone on plenty of adventures and had come back whole, happy, and exuberant each time. Though Balen insisted that they return to Corellia, Alexis was able to convince him that her husband would be just as satisfied with a holo-message, and that if Balen was so concerned about her safety, he could accompany her as she escorted her new acquaintences.

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Star Wars: Legacy RPG

Recap the First

7 October 2012

The Fire In Which We Burn

Returning home was a straightforward if slighly complex affair. Alexis had come to this time period following the instructions enscribed on a stone tablet, which she subsequently discovered next to a crashed jumpgate. During her three years trapped on Artesia, she had dedicated some of her funds to replicating the tablet based off her holorecordings of it, carving the words into the stone with a laser torch.

Following her example, the other three wrote their own messages on a separate tablet, attempting to be as convincing as possible so that their future selves would venture through the crashed jumpgate also and end up where they needed to be.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG

Recap the Twenty-Third

6 October 2012

One for the History Books

Originally, the Rakata had prepared a suprise attack against the Celestial Empire. In one quick, decisive operation, they managed to pin the Celestial nobility when they were most vulnerable. With their technological expertise and knowledge of the dark side of the Force, they froze the Celestials in time.

Shagaar, Ish, Zeka, and Kistra freed the Celestials tens of thousands of years later. The Empress mourned what was lost, and sent her agents far and wide looking for artifacts to reestablish the empire. By accident, they came across a Celestial Gate, and a Rakata tablet providing instructions on how to bend not only space, but time. So a small force of Celestial operatives stopped the Rakata offensive bare seconds after it had begun. The Celestial Empire never stopped existing.

It was to that point - where the Rakata launched their offensive, where the Celestial time-traveling operatives fought back - that Shagaar, Ish, and Zeka wished to go.

That is not where Kistra sent them.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG

Recap the Twenty-Second

4 October 2012

Party Crashers

After deciding that stealing the artifact skull from Revan would have to wait for another opportunity, Ish, Shagaar, Kistra, and Zeka made their excuses and headed back to their hotel to plot. After scanning the hotel room for listening and recording devices, they sat down to well and truly plan out how they would acquire the skull.

They had learned that Revan was scheduled to appear in the Arena to dispose of some "traitors" in typical Imperial fashion. While he was thus occupied, they would make their move.

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